Steve Greer - Q84

With many years working in professional motorsport, Steve Greer has excellent car preparation and operation planning skills. After studying Mechanical Engineering at QUT, he has worked as a mechanic, an engineer and a team manager in various V8 Supercar teams and Australian Superbike teams. 

Racing since 2012, the Steve Greer Racing team has expanded to include the latest Cool chassis, a KRE power plant and a purpose built headquarters. A hardworking team of likeminded crew support the team both at the track and behind the scenes. 

Image credit: 44 Photography

Image credit: 44 Photography

The number 84.

Every driver needs to choose their racing number, but how to choose one?

The 'Q' is a requirement, and stands for Queensland, but it took some time to come up with a number that was suitable, and available! 

Steve's race number Q84 is a way to mark a milestone in his life in 2012, having become a dad to twin boys on the 12th of July. 12 x 7 = 84. 

What are Sprintcars?

Sprintcars are unique in the fact that by racing anti-clockwise on an oval track, they have the right rear wheel much larger than the left to help steer the car around the clay track.

At a weight of around 657kg, they have a power-to-weight ratio better than a Formula 1 car, and the methanol powered engine produces approximately 800 horse power - more than a V8 Supercar!

Image credit: 44 Photography

Image credit: 44 Photography